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Our Partnership

Fulfill Human Potential Without Border


Q Elitez established in 2018, we are a joint-ventured company between
Q Group and Elitez group from Singapore.

Elitez group partner with the Start-up tech HR Company around South-East Asia. The next step, we will reach to the rest of countries in South-East Asia and looking forward to partner with the best HR company in Japan, South Korea and Australia.

What's is our services

Human Process Outsourcing

We specialize in execution of Human process outsourcing. Seek us out our expertise in bridging significant manpower gaps within your core & auxiliary services-based operations due to our core competency around our twin pillars,

People excellence and Operational Excellence.

In case you are still not confident in hiring permanent staff or you have a plan for a short term project, our company can provide short term outsourcing services starting from 6 months. For example, Junior level to Middle level like Admin support, Sales and IT support.

We will help you with the recruitment process, manpower management, payroll system and you can control your management easily with our accurate reports.


Payroll Management; We providing payroll administration services and employer liability management.

Compensation and benefit;  Our services can be customized compensation and benefits to your team. For example, a tailor-made health and life insurance that matches your budget.

Our Values

Service Excellence
Innovation Excellence
People Excellence


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